Performance with Marina Oprea

14th June 2016

Alert Studio Bucharest


If you work for a living, why kill yourself working?

Forever allured by the idea of working for free and using his own financial resources to make a name for himself, the artist’s aura oscillates between the starving intellectual and the superstar. The cheap and handy virtual world of self-promoting possibilities come wrapped with the beautiful ribbon of never enough financial support in the embroiled case of the future that is never today. Gabriela Mateescu and Marina Oprea are hard at work today, blurring the lines between professions, skills and ways of obtaining money in an endless loop of repetitive, mind-numbing tasks, all leading up to that one small window through which art can shine. Will all this hard labor ever pay off?




The work consisted of a room filled with application forms from residencies, scholarships and national institutions, and a video of the artists filling the forms. The girls grabbed the forms on the table from behind the curtain of paper. The public could participate by filling the forms themselves