video performance with Tristan, 2013

The project entitled Feed me takes a critical view upon the mechanisms by which modern man assimilates a false idea of happiness through consumption. The video performance is based on a naive anthropology that humans have a natural inclination towards happiness. Baudrillard in The Consumer Society outlines a theory of consumption based on the acceptance of “formal rationality,” which assures an individual pursues his individual happiness through objects expected to provide the maximum satisfaction. The individual feels his voice as a consumer is strong and powerful as long as he is consuming; if he refused to consume, he would be stripped of the power/pleasure afforded him

Happiness is made measurable in order to perform a distinctive function, to register in a consumer society. This measuring of happiness rules out immeasurable inner happiness, and only accepts as happiness that which can be displayed, signified. We accept this change because it promises a means to legislated equality.

The “right” to happiness signifies the disappearance of actual enjoyment of happiness. Capitalism systematically turns natural values into rights, or commodities, which enable economic profit and mark social privilege.

In consumer society, pleasing oneself appears the key to pleasing others. Pleasing others, then, becomes important as a means of pleasing oneself, which is the ultimate goal. One consumes oneself in an act of self-indulgence, in the attempt to create oneself.

By using flowers and other vegetal elements in the project we mean to replace the consumer object with something that is natural and has a living essence at its core