Video and print installation, 2015

Part of the “Is it wrong that I enjoy cutting people in Photoshop?” exhibition, presented a series of digital narratives and dystopian scenarios generated by interacting with the online imaginarium.

The oscillation between physical and internet representations becomes instilled both with a sense of decadence and with the inevitable acceptance of these newly-emerged realities. Through the way they relate to the current environment and language, the artists bring a new perspective on the technological development specific to this present generation, moving away from the late post-communist trend.

The works use stock images and videos that are distorted into a collage of colours and elements, questioning the use of images in the 2000s, from png to jpg to mov, file extensions that people download for free at a click of a button and use them in infinite personal projects, thus giving them new meaning. Fast forward in today`s time, when an AI just picks up all the images in the world available and morphes them into creating new and unique ones, my works were contemplating the dawn of visible editing.